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You can fight poverty and climate change by drinking great coffee
Get a LeafUp membership to invest in the future of coffee and get discounts at the best shops
Our cause
It's Never Been Worse to be a Coffee Farmer
Over the past decades, millions of trees have been cut down to plant sun coffee, and farmer incomes have fallen so low that it literally costs more to produce coffee than farmers can sell it for.
We Can Turn This Thing Around!
We're at an inflection point. LeafUp let's you pay the most vulnerable coffee farmers a living wage to plant shade trees on their farms.

We not only help farmers today, but plant the seeds of a sustainable coffee future, sequestering carbon, fostering biodiversity, and improving coffee quality!
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The Discounts We Promised
Our partner coffee shops care about their impact and want your business, so they give you exclusive LeafUp discounts. You could even save more money than you spend planting trees!

Once you become a member, you'll receive an email explaining exactly how it works, and a VIP code you can use in our partner shops.
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The Future Is Ours, And The Time Is Now
If we don't stop climate change, 50% of farmers won't be able to grow coffee by 2050. Every tree you plant is a small but meaningful step towards a world where coffee isn't just the thing that sustains you throughout the day, but a haven for wildlife, a livable profession for farmers, and a part of the overall solution towards a sustainable world.
Farmers Are Ready to Start Planting
We work directly with some of the worlds most underserved but motivated farmers.
Hernan Agudelo
Coffee Farmer and Entrepreneur
"I can't wait to start planting shade trees. My plan is to combine flowering trees with beehives to start producing honey too."
Wilson Rojas
5th Generation Coffee Farmer
"I will plant hardwood and fruit trees. My family can eat the fruit, and over time the hardwood can be another source of income."
Claudia Rocio-Gomez
Farmer and Coffee Advocate
"Some of the farmers I work with already have shade trees. We'd love to plant more to improve soil quality and move towards organic coffee."
Be Part Of The Solution
Join LeafUp today to ensure the future of the drink you love. It costs a few cups of coffee per month.
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Our Team
We're one of the most diverse and dedicated teams around, and we'd love to hear from you! Get in touch using the addresses below.
Toby Myers
United States of America
Yidir Bouhadjer
Abdellah El-Bouchikhi
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