Wilson & Olga

Wilson and Olga's families have been farming coffee for several generations. Before getting in touch with Leafup, Wilson already wanted to plant trees to improve coffee quality, biodiversity, and soil health.

Finca Los Naranjos

Wilson and Olga's farm - Finca Los Naranjos - is about 2 hectares, the typical size for the 14 million smallholder coffee farmers worldwide.

It's outside Jardin, Antioquia, Colombia, and is surrounded by other coffee farms of a similar size.

You can see the farm on google maps here.

Purchasing Trees

After both Leafup and Wilson had done some research on the type and number of trees to be planted, we sent Wilson a cash transfer to his local bank so he could purchase the baby trees and have them delivered to the farm. Other farmers create their own tree nurseries.

The trees are a mix of hardwood, fruit, and nitrogen fixing varieties.


Over the course of a week and a half, Wilson and three neighbors planted 130 trees throughout his farm.

To work with Leafup, farmers must send pictures of every single tree planted. You can see photos of the planting by clicking on the link below.